Questions and Answers


If you have questions that aren't answered, feel free to give us a call (see the event flyer for a list of names and numbers) or complete the "Contact Us" form at the bottom of the "Register" page.

I'd like to volunteer. May I help in some way? Maybe chair a marathon meeting?

Absolutely.  Members of A.A. are welcome to chair one of the marathon meetings throughout the weekend.  Please contact John H. by email at  For other volunteer opportunities, email Teresa H. at

What is the weather in Jackson in late October?

Your guess is as good as ours.  The mornings will be cold, so bring layers.  It could be 60 degrees.  Or, it may snow.  Hmmmmm..... 

May I register when I arrive?

THERE IS NO ON-SITE REGISTRATION.  Meeting space is restricted, and attendance is limited. Registrations are accepted on a first come and first served basis.  

The seating capacity of the Snow King facility is 298.  This means we must limit the number of registrants.  In the spirit of growth, enthusiasm and broadening our horizons, the committee has selected a line up of speakers with a solid following.  Circuit speakers.  This doesn't mean any of them are bigger and better drunks than the rest of us.  Rather, it means God has gifted them with the ability to carry the message of A.A. in a way that is more attractive than some!  And, of course it also means that they have a following.  

This conference will sell out.  Register now.    

We've changed our minds. May I please have a refund?

We aren't set up to handle cancellations and refunds.  You may sell or give your registration to someone else to use and we'll be happy to make the transfer.  Just shoot us an email at and we'll git 'er done.  Simply let us know the person's name, address, phone number and email address so we may send them a confirmation.  


why is the registration fee $75?


We get it!

Historically, the cost has been around the $35 mark.  When the Primary Purpose Group in Jackson was nudged to bid on the Area 76 Fall Convention, we stepped up and made the offer.  We knew there were challenges ahead.  The committee was committed to offer an entirely different experience than conventions held in Jackson in recent years.   You know...spice it up a little!   Here are some factors that we considered when setting the fee:

The Venue--

It was important that we offer you an updated, light, airy and fresh venue.  Believe it or not, we have limited conference options in Jackson.  In fact, we had three spaces from which to choose.  We wanted a nice, fresh, updated space, but didn't want to pay $10,000 per day.  

Yes.  You read it correctly.  $10,000 a day was one of our three options.  Yikes!  So, we have a great place, with plenty of space at the base of Snow King Mountain in beautiful Jackson Hole, WY.  And it costs...


We are in 100% agreement that we have a wealth of experience and "rock star" sobriety right here in Wyoming.  With that said, we agreed that inviting some circuit speakers might be a great idea, too. Why not shake things up a little?  No matter how long we have in the rooms, the benefit of excitement that comes with well-known speakers is always a good thing.  After all, there's a reason they're well-known speakers.  This isn't about grandiosity.  It's about gifting Area 76 with some new blood, fresh faces and solid A.A. experience, strength and hope that's sure to respect our 12 Traditions.  And it costs...

It's Jackson--

We intentionally chose the weekend of October 23-25 because these dates are considered "off season" in Jackson.  

  • The same guest room we're getting for $139/night is $368/night a month earlier.  
  • We were able to negotiate a "resort fee" exception (typically $37 per room per night).  So, no resort fee!  Period.
  • As an added bonus, the room rates will include a continental breakfast.  Typically, no breakfast is included in the Snow King room rates. appears we're exceptions to the rule, after all! 
  • We saved more than half of what the conference space would have cost had we selected to host the conference two weeks earlier.  #winning

So, there we have it--

After some thought and much discussion, it was agreed that $75 for a weekend of "adventures after" is NOTHING compared to what any one of us may have spent on our "adventures before".  

With that said, if you aren't able to budget $25 per month (October, November and December) to meet the December 31, 2019 early registration discount, email   We'll see if we can work something out for you. 


Sounds reasonable. But still. Whoa! Wait a minute. This is AA, why do we even have to pay at all?

Service material from

In AA and Al-Anon, a conference or convention is an important opportunity to share in recovery in a broad way. There are many AA and Al-Anon conferences held around the world. One of the most common misconceptions of these gatherings is that they are AA or Al-Anon meetings, and since “There are no dues or fees for AA membership…” there should be no fees to attend. Conventions and conferences are special events, not regular meetings.

Conferences require months of planning, preparation, and money to present. Since most events, such as ours, are held in hotels or convention centers, there is a charge for the use of these facilities and lodging. As responsible AA and Al-Anon members, “we pay our own way.” Our contractual commitment to the resort company requires us to guarantee a minimum number of hotel rooms and banquet sales. We are also charged for coffee service and food & beverage in the hospitality area throughout the week.

Other expenses include travel and lodging for conference speakers, printing of flyers and schedules, postage and supplies.

This conference is self-supporting; no AA or Al-Anon group monies are used to pay for this event. The cost of the event is paid through your registration fee, participation in our events and contributions from individual AA or Al-Anon members, usually in the form of service. Attendance is voluntary, and as responsible AA and Al-Anon members, we pay our own way. Our financial goal is to break even; therefore we ask your help in meeting this goal by booking rooms in the hotel. We hope you agree the overall cost is nominal compared to the week’s worth of fellowship, fun, entertainment and recovery you will experience. 

Registration Required

Only receipt of your registration and fee will consider you registered for this conference. Please note that simply making your lodging reservations will not allow your entrance to conference events. Admission to all conference events is limited to those persons wearing a Registration Badge. You must be registered to obtain this badge.  Registration fees are not refundable, but you may transfer your registration to someone else.